- Life Transformation is the Goal -

Counseling that produces true transformation

​​​is what we are after.  Half measures avail no results.  If you are out to truly deal with the issues in your life like addictions, marital problems, fears, any life controlling issues... you need God to invade your life  in EVERY area so that He actually becomes the LORD of your life, not merely a figurehead, or a religious "part" of your life.  

NCCA based counseling begins with taking the Arno Profile System "temperament test".  This test reveals the inborn temperament that God has placed in an individual.  It reveals the "personality DNA" of a person.  Unlike other psychological approaches, that are limited in their ability to produce any healing, the temperament approach as a first step, allows the counselor to reach into the "inmost man" first, not try to dig down from the outside in.  The test is 99.5 % accurate, starkly revealing the true you.  After this exposure, there is a plumb line to start with, a place to discover where strengths and weaknesses lie, ond how to most effectively approach dealing with the issues that brought you to counseling in the first place.


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Pastor Bill Hoffman
NCCA Licensed Pastoral 
Over 20 Years Experience​​

BA in Christian Counseling
Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor
Licensed Minister
Licensed Pastoral Counselor

Pastor Bill has been in full time ministry since 1990.  Working with the outreach of New York City Relief, (www.reliefbus.org), he gained counseling experience and skills through one on one encounters with literally thousands of hurting people, with endless needs and problems.  This calling to ministry to the poor and needy of NY and NJ was expanded through the creation of the Hope Center in Elizabeth, NJ... a community center that offered crisis counseling to  residents of the community.

During the late 1990's, Pastor Bill was ordained as a minister, returned to school through the NCCA, and gained his Clinical License as a Christian Counselor, and Licensed Pastoral Counselor's certification, as well as His Bachelors Degree in Christian Counseling.  

In 2003 he joined the staff of Calvary Tabernacle Church, www.ctnj.org , in Cranford New Jersey, as the Director of Pastoral Care, until October 2009, when he decided to begin his own Ministry of Christian Counseling through NCCA and SACC.

Pastor Bill's extensive experience in Evangelism, Street Ministry, and Pastoral and hospital ministry, make him uniquely qualified to provide counseling for a wide range of issues commonly experienced by all members of society.

​1997 Christ Life Center - Laconia, NH
Ministerial Credentials
​​ Calvary Tabernacle, Cranford, NJ

​NCCA Clinical Christian Therapist

​Licensed Pastoral Counselor

​SACC- International Representative

Marriage Counseling

​​Substance Abuse Issues  

 Pre-Marital Counseling  

 Christian Discipleship  

 Anger Issues​